Neha Seth Arora

Neha Seth Arora, a visionary in the Indian wedding industry, is the co-founder and CEO of VV Weddings. As part of her diverse portfolio, she has designed weddings for some of the most influential HNI families in India and overseas. Over the years, the exposure has not only perfected Neha’s craft as a stellar wedding planner but also accords her with a global perspective of the wedding and celebrations industry.

With her expertise spanning over a decade, Neha brings her inimitable knowledge of the wedding and hospitality business to BRANDit.

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Her artistic bend of mind and keen eye for detail, brings to life the vision of making exquisite experiences a reality. Moreover, her insights and ability to spot new-age trends have been integral to the company’s strategy and allow BRANDit to be a promoter of the avant-garde in destination marketing by tapping this dynamic industry of India. Neha is also the Director & Mentor at the Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME and devotes her time in shaping the future of the wedding enthusiasts. Her greatest joy has been in mentoring and training over 200 students who are now successful wedding planners.

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Manoj Gopalani

Visionary and Entrepreneur, Manoj Gopalani is the Director at Seventy Seven Entertainment, one of the leading event management and experiential marketing companies in India. Besides operating the company’s fast-growing business, Manoj has successfully diversified into other allied enterprises.

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, Manoj changed his course to navigate into the artistic world of Event Management, Experiential Marketing and Brand Management.With a creative bent of mind, Manoj’s foray into the business of events commenced on a conservative note, managing the technical and cultural festivals in college while pursuing his education.

It was to be a life changing decision when at 23, he successfully co-founded Seventy Seven Entertainment and grew it to a strong team of over 150 competent and skilled employees. Capitalizing on his business acumen, he carved the strategy and laid the foundation of the brand’s DNA. With management and resourcefulness at the core, Manoj has transformed the company into an industry innovator acquiring numerous marquee accounts.

Passion for work, novel ideas and exploring new territories is what fuels Manoj’s enthusiasm to set up new ventures. He co-founded Var Vadhu Wedding Management, now known as VV Weddings, with the ambition to create bespoke high-end luxury weddings for those who seek exclusivity and perfection on their special day. Additionally, Manoj’s other pursued interests include the world of film production, thus directing him to jointly set-up 22 nd Avenue Talent Management, a talent and celebrity management company having a large network of renowned artists.

Manoj strongly believes in integrated business and creating a self-sufficient eco-system. This led to the acquisition of a travel management company called Ninety Nine Travels, which is affiliated with IATA, TAFI & TAAI.

A seasoned executive, Manoj is also the innovative mind behind BRANDit, a tourism strategy and representation company offering services in marketing and communications for the business of travel & tourism.

In keeping with his love for travel and hospitality, Manoj launched his first hospitality venture, a boutique villa stay concept called Seven Sands Ville in Lonavla, near Mumbai. He is now gearing up for his soon to open Five Star Luxury Hotel near Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh – India.

Being a people’s person, Manoj is very dynamic and result oriented. He is dependable, strategic and believes in the might of employee relationship. His greatest joy is his team’s growth and clients’ supreme satisfaction.

Manoj has received many accolades in his two-decade career. He chooses to be positive in any situation and believes there is always an opportunity, one just needs to find it.

Daryl Mark Sheldon

Daryl Sheldon is a respected business leader who is regularly listed as one of India’s leading entrepreneurs in the Entertainment and Experiential space. He has founded many fastgrowing companies and is a highly successful business strategist known for his track record of spotting niche and disruptive technologies and services that have changed and improved the way people consume events and entertainment experiences.

Daryl having spent close to two decades in the experiential field is a keen observer of trends, and is highly skilled at spotting opportunities that help tomorrow’s customers, improving their experience in line with changing expectations.

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He works alongside a powerful network and team of experts & influencers at the forefront of change, who can anticipate the opportunities for transforming the customer experience. After completing his degree in business management, at the age of 21, Daryl co-founded Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in 2002. He then went on to start and build 5 more successful companies in the experiential marketing space. VV weddings a destination wedding management company; Ninetynine travels, a luxury travel & MICE company; 22nd Avenue, an artist management company; and a digital marketing company. Daryl is an ardent visionary and a business analyst who has been responsible for the company’s diversification into new business verticals as well as geographically growth both in the domestic and international markets.

Recently, Daryl has floated his latest venture XTICKETS and plays a vital role as Chief Experience Curator; which is India’s most premium online platform offering luxury experiences.

From being a backbencher during his academic years to becoming a successful business entrepreneur, He keenly believes that education helps build a foundation but to climb to the top you need to be street smart, a risk taker and a great storyteller. He is currently authoring his own biography titled “Rx 100 to Jaguar Xf”; where he shares his journey from self-funding his first preowned Yamaha RX 100 at the tender age of 16 to owning a Jaguar XF.

In the year 2008, Daryl was nominated for the ‘The Young Entrepreneur Award’. He is also an advisory member of various academic institutes specialising in Event Management like EMDI (Event Management Development Institute), KES College, SVIM and others. Daryl is instrumental in designing the curriculum at these institutes, where he spends time in teaching, motivating and mentoring the future generation. He is a #publicspeaker, mentor and coach and happily shares his vast industry knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital, changing world. In addition, he is also a member of many associations and has been an active participant in numerous panel discussions and forums at various global platforms to discuss topics on experiential marketing, travel trade and the live music space. As a sign of respect for his statesmanship in the event fraternity, Daryl has been invited to sit on prestigious jury panels across India.

In 2014, he played an integral part in the research report of Ernst & Young (E&Y); which helped develop the first “White Paper Report” on the entertainment and event industry in India.

Daryl is an optimistic, vibrant leader who energizes others and loves sharing success. A philanthropist in his own way he has helped various corporates develop their CSR portfolios and is the founder of #7ty7Cares, a trust that is involved with the care of underprivileged children especially children’s with special needs.

aditya Mehra

Aditya Mehra

Aditya Mehra is one of the three directors who lead Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. He commenced his career with the acclaimed advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Post this stint, Mr. Mehra joined forces with school friend Manoj Gopalani, also one of the directors at 7ty7, to explore the ever-demanding and rapidly evolving industry of event management. With his technical expertise and experience of over 18 years, Mr. Mehra deftly leads the Operations, IT and Admin teams at 7ty7. His passion for technology also enables him to play a key role in production and technical know-how, from taking events on paper and bringing them alive for the company’s discerning customers.


Marriages are made in heaven but a lavish and unforgettable wedding celebration is surely brought to life on Earth. The ideation, planning, curation and several other stages require relevant expertise.

The big fat Indian Wedding has been jolted to a halt with looming uncertainty and a realm of challenges. With restrictions on on-ground events, exhibitions and inaccessibility to potential wedding partners creating the perfect wedding seems like a distant dream.

Today, virtual is no longer the new normal, instead it is an everyday affair. With conferences, town halls and R&R shows being flawlessly executed digitally, immersive virtual platforms seem to effectively bridge the communication gap between stakeholders. This paradigm shift led us to question-, “Why should the wedding space be any different?”, leading to the inception of The World of Weddings (TWOW). TWOW is our expressive solution to bridge the gap between partners and customers, it is all about Experience, Engage, Evolve to unlock opportunities.

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